Antispam Solutions

Structured, multi-layered spam prevention is included, for free, with any nwnemail license. Administrators can customize their level of spam protection using a variety of industry-standard methods including greylisting, SPF, DKIM, RBLs, URIBLs, blacklist/whitelist and more. SmarterMail can also be integrated with third-party antispam products, appliances and services.

Protection Right Out of the Box

With the antispam tools included with every SmarterMail license, email administrators can achieve immediate spam prevention simply by managing:

  • SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching
  • Pre-configured URIBLs and RBLs, by default
  • The ability to add custom URIBLs and RBLs
  • Greylisting, DMARC, DKIM and SPF
  • Integration with third-party products and services

Added Protection

In addition to the free email antispam options available with Nwnemail, it’s possible to increase antispam protection using third-party products, including:

  • Cyren Premium Antispam – using their Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) it’s possible to dramatically increase the efficiency of spam protection while offloading the CPU cycles to Cyren’s servers.
  • Message Sniffer – uses collaborative learning technologies to accurately identify spam, viruses and other email borne malware before it hits inboxes.
  • Add your own – SmarterMail is flexible enough to allow for additional third-party products, services, or antispam/security appliances.

Custom Filtering Rules

Along with configuring the included antispam tools, system administrators can create custom rules for how to handle a message once it’s scored as spam. Messages can have their subject lines appended for easy identification by users or automatically filtered so that they never hit a user’s inbox.

Simple Antispam Management

Using Nwnemail web interface, system administrators can access all security features using their favorite web browser. In addition, all antispam settings are contained in a single JSON file, so system admins can easily transfer antispam settings so that all SmarterMail servers are consistently managed and consistently secured.

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