Microsoft Outlook

Do NOT be fooled by imitators that say they offer Exchange functionality but require Outlook plug-ins or additional software that doesn’t even come close! Connect Outlook to SmarterMail JUST like you connect it to Microsoft Exchange using SmarterMail’s native integration of MAPI. NWNEMAIL gives users the features they want, and need, without any additional software, without Outlook plug-ins, and without additional per-user costs. Share your folders, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes; Create contact groups; Categorize items; Flag messages for follow up; Create To-Do lists; Delegate users and more!

NWNEMAIL and Exchange

Microsoft Outlook works natively with just 2 mail servers: NWNEMAIL and Exchange. That’s it!

Other mail servers claim to have Exchange functionality, but they rely on third-party plug-ins or other additional software that mimics some, but not all, features of Exchange. This additional sofware isn’t as reliable as native Outlook integration because plug-ins can be buggy and unstable, they don’t offer complete Outlook integration and functionality, and they require additional management and administration from IT Departments, system administrators and users themselves. In addition, many carry per-user costs that need to be passed along.

The Power of Exchange

WithNWNEMAIL, you can do what you want within Microsoft Outlook, just as if you were using Exchange or Office 365. This includes:

  • Public Folders
  • Contact Groups
  • Individual permissions for tasks, notes, folders, etc.
  • Create and manage Rules
  • Categories for calendar appointments, contacts, notes and more
  • Delegation
  • Tasks
  • Much more

Outlook Compatibility

NWNEMAIL is compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Older versions of Outlook, unfortunately, offer very limited Exchange functionality for Outlook. Supported versions include:

  • Outlook 2021
  • Outlook 2019
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook for Mac
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