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Starting At $ 10.00/m

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  • Installation (Up to 5 Accounts)
  • (Up to 1 Domains)
  • (Up to 0 Sub-Domains)
  • (Mailbox Size 2GB)


Starting At $ 50.00/m

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  • Up to 25 Accounts
  • (Up to 1 Domains)
  • (Up to 0 Sub-Domains)
  • (Mailbox Size 2GB)


Starting At $ 100.00/m

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  • (Up to 50 Accounts)
  • (Up to 3 Domains)
  • (Up to 2 Sub-Domains)
  • (Mailbox Size 2GB)


Exclusive Features

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The Exchange Alternative

NWNMail offers all of the same features as Microsoft Exchange, but at a FRACTION of the cost. Unlike Exchange, features like audio and video group chat, and Team Workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no extra charge.

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An Ideal Email Solution

NWNMail is a full-featured email, group chat and team collaboration server that is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It’s designed to provide the fuctionality businesses need, without sacrificing secure, reliable access to business, and personal, communication.

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Total Collaboration

NWNMail offers a number of collaboration features that make it easy to work together with team members, customers and partners. Whether using NWNMail ‘s webmail client or a favorite desktop or mobile client, NWNMail can help increase the overall productivity of an organization.

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Industry Standard Email Security

NWNMail comes equipped with several email security features that are available without spending more money or adding third-party software. This includes industry standard spam filtering that can protect the server from virtually all incoming and outgoing spam as well as enterprise-level antivirus for detecting trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats.

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Webmail Client

Access every feature NWNMail has to offer using any browser you want. In addition, NWNMail was developed to work in both desktop and mobile browsers, no client install or mobile app is needed. Fast, reliable, secure and immensely functional, the SmarterMail webmail client is the ideal solution for both casual and power users.

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File Storage

NWNMail’s integrated file storage can eliminate large file attachments and makes file sharing easy: simply upload a file to a folder of your choice, then include a link to that file from within your email message. Users have the ability to password protect file downloads as well as put a time limit on the links provided.

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